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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fallen Trees?

Jun 30


You'll need to figure out if your homeowner's insurance covers the tree damage and whether your insurance will be able to cover it. While the answer isn't always black and white, we'll examine your coverage here.

Are you insured to remove trees?

There are a number of possible causes that cause fallen trees, there's many different answers to this concern. Insurance policies have distinct terms and conditions that are unique to each policy.

Generally speaking, public adjuster arizona will cover any damage caused through a fallen tree. Standard homeowner's insurance typically has an extensive list of insured perils that you're covered for.


Here are some of the most frequently covered dangers that are also frequent reasons for trees falling:


  • Smoke and fire

  • Lightening

  • Explosion

  • Riot

  • Vandalism

  • The aircraft is falling

  • Windstorm

  • Hailstorm

  • The weight of ice or snow

For the three last items These risks are covered if the fallen tree harms a structure that is on your property. So, if the tree is able to fall away from all structures and does not damage one of them, all clean-up costs are your responsibility.


Other perils are also protected, regardless of whether a structure was damaged. The Mesa Public Adjuster, Arizona, will provide you with all the details. For additional assistance, call the Mesa Public Adjuster.


So, in other words, your insurance policy does not cover fallen tree.

  • The root cause of the fallen tree

  • Your insurance policy is individual

  • What was the harm caused by the tree's fall?

  • How Falling Tree Insurance Coverage Functions

  • If you're insured for damage to your tree from falling or cleanup, your coverage is subject to standard limits and deductibles. Most often, tree-related damage is covered by 5% of dwelling coverage. The coverage is subject to limitations, which can vary based on the policy. However, they tend to be between $500 and $1,000.

  • File a Claim to Redress Falling Tree Damage

  • When a tree falls in your yard, the primary goal should be safety. After that, make sure that everyone is secure and has shelter. Call your insurance company for a discussion of repair costs.

Am I Covered for a Neighbor's Falling Tree?

It's quite common for a neighbor's tree be able to fall, causing damage to your home. While it's not actually your tree, you're the one who needs to contact mesa az public adjuster since it's your property that is damaged. Your neighbor may not be insured for your home.


There's one exception However, there is one exception. If the insurance company finds in their investigations that the neighbor was negligent when it came to caring for the tree the homeowner's liability insurance is responsible.


This applies to your trees too. If your neighbor's tree damages their property, and therefore your liability insurance does not cover the damage in this case, you'll have to use the liability insurance. You will not be covered in the event that your liability insurance is found to be insufficient for trees that have caused damage to your property.  Select Adjusters will assist you properly and we will help you out in the amount of claim.



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