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How can I tell whether my solar panels are working?

Jul 24

If you're considering solar panels or have recently installed solar panels are important to ensure that your new solar system to perform fully to its potential. If you are like most people, you're not sure how to check if your panels are operating correctly. This article will help you understand how to tell whether your solar panels are working correctly, and what you can do if it's not.

How do I check whether my solar panels are working correctly?

Although solar panels do not require any maintenance However, there are actions you can take to ensure they're functioning. These are five easy ways to make sure your panels are operating to their fullest potential. Advosy Energy will be the most suitable choice for you in order to pick up effeciently.

Verify the Inverter

The inverter is what people refer to as the "brains" of a solar system. It is the component which converts direct current power (DC) into AC, or alternating current electricity (AC), which is able to be used in your home. There are two types of inverters, string inverters and micro-inverters. To find out which type you have, check with the solar provider in your area. However, micro-inverters tend to be small and attach to the back of solar panels. A string inverter is located in a different place and be much bigger.

Most inverters have indicator lights that will show you the way in which the inverter functioning. If you're seeing a red or orange light the solar panels may not be operating properly, and you should contact the Advosy Energy Az solar installer.

Monitor Production

You can also check how much energy your solar system produces to see if it's functioning correctly. How do I determine how much electricity my solar panels are generating? You can track the output of your solar system with an app or a solar meter. Whatever way you choose to monitor the solar panel, you'll need to know the kilowatt-hours. If they are growing the solar system is functioning. If your kilowatt-hours have not been growing, it may be time to talk to your California solar energy company.

Check the Weather

The weather is one of the most significant factors that affect how much solar power the panels generate. You can't tell if your panels are functioning in a proper manner if it rains or snow. If the output of your panels is lower, check the weather conditions to determine if it's the cause. Even if it is cloudy it's still possible to get enough solar power to run your panels. It's all about the amount of energy your system produces throughout the year. Solar panels can be subject to parts of shade during the day and this can result in them underperforming. In this case, consult with your solar provider to potentially move your solar panels for maximum performance.

Pay attention to your electric bill

The electric bill is a good way to check if your system is working correctly. If your solar panels are working, your electric bill should be less. Electric bills can fluctuate based on the day-to-day production of the solar panels, however, over time, you should pay less for electricity from your provider. If your electric bills are too high for too long, your solar panels may not be performing as well as they ought to and you must seek out your installer.

Make sure to check with Your Solar Company

If you're uncertain about the performance of your solar panels then you should reach out to your solar company to determine whether they're operating correctly. The California solar panel companies have experts who can detect and resolve any issues with your solar panels.

What to do if they're not working?

What can you do if your panels cease to function? If you notice something is not working, there are a few ways to fix it:

Check the breaker switches

Similar to a computer or phone You could try switching it off and back on again in order to fix the issue. For solar panels, you can perform a similar trick by checking the breaker switches before turning them on and off.

Clear Debris

Find out if something is covering your solar panels and then remove it. Sometimes fallen leaves are the culprit, and brushing them off will increase the solar power production.

Contact the local solar company

We're here to help you with your solar panels if they aren't functioning properly. At 8MSolar, we'll come check your new solar panel and help you work out the problem. We provide a 25 year warranty that allows you to get your system running again within the first 25 years of solar panels being set up.


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